Gluten-free stuffed apples

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manzana rellena

A healthy, easy and very attractive dessert: gluten-free stuffed apples. Let’s cook this recipe!

Difficulty: easy / Time: 35 minutes

INGREDIENTS (for 2 people)

  • 2 gala apples
  • 1 pinch ground cinnamon (labeled gluten-free)
  • A handful of walnuts
  • A handful of raisins
  • Garnish (optional): two cinnamon sticks and two mint leaves



1. Cut the apples with the same shape as the ones in the photo and empty them (without piercing the bottom).

2. Cut the apple you have removed in small pieces. Add the walnuts (cut into pieces), the raisins and a pinch of cinnamon. Mix it all up.

manzana rellena horno

3. Fill the apples with the filling that you have created.

manzana rellena sin gluten

4. Bake the apples at 180º for about 30 minutes (it may vary depending on the oven).

5. Decorate the apples with a cinnamon stick and a fresh mint leaf. Amazing! In just half an hour, you have made this gluten-free stuffed apple recipe. Enjoy it!

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