Eating gluten free in Gothenburg

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gotemburgo sin gluten

I went to Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, for a weekend to visit a friend who lives there. I share some tips that I hope will be useful if you are celiac and you go on a trip to Gothenburg.

Supermarkets with gluten-free products

Supermarkets that have gluten-free products in Gothenburg: Hemköp, Willy’s (best quality-price), Coop and ICA. In general, you will find a bit of everything: bread, toast, pasta, pastries…

I recommend the Semper and Fria brands. In addition to the ‘gluten-free’ area, look in the frozen section, because they usually have gluten-free products too.

Gluten free restaurants

In Sweden at the moment there are no gluten-free venues accredited by the Swedish Celiac Association and, for this reason, when I went I decided not to eat in restaurants in Gothenburg. I didn’t know if it would be 100% safe and, for a weekend that I was away from home, I didn’t want to risk it.

However, my friend who lives there recommends these restaurants that offer gluten free options:

If you go to restaurants in Sweden, always ask about cross contamination. It is a trend to eat gluten-free, so in many places they offer gluten free meals, but not always are an option for celiac people.

Tips for eating out

You can bring a tupperware or sandwiches and eat outdoors or at a restaurant table. For example, my companions ordered dishes in a restaurant, but I brought my gluten-free tupperware. Issue solved!

You can stay in an apartment or in a hostel with a kitchen to cook there.

These bags, specially designed for celiac people, can be useful to toast gluten-free bread, so that you can put them in the toaster or oven, avoiding cross-contamination.

Always bring gluten-free snacks with you in case you’re hungry!

What to visit in Gothenburg?

– Walk through the beautiful old Haga neighborhood, where you will find cafes, artisan shops, souvenir shops and even pastry shops with giant cinnamon rolls (yes, with gluten, for your non-celiac companions)

– If you like Nordic animals, visit the moose, the Gotland ponies, the reindeer and other animals at the free zoo in the main park of the city: Slottsskogen.

sin gluten en Gotemburgo

– In Götaplatsen square there is one of the symbols of the city: the sculpture of Poseidon. Around the square you’ll find the main cultural buildings of the city, such as the Art Museum (Konstmuseum). Take note to go!

– Take a walk in the center of Gothenburg, through the Nordstaden and Inom Vallgraven neighborhoods.

Gotemborg donde comer sin gluten

– If you want to have a panoramic view of the city, go up to Skansen Kronan. Climbing the stairs will be worth it.

Viajar a Gotemburgo sin gluten

– If you love plants and nature, the botanical garden is an essential stop.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Gothenburg!